Minsk Florists

Delivery Policy



+44 745 227 2872

Certain restrictions apply for same-day delivery

An order must be placed before 9 AM (9:00) GMT

Business orders are prioritized first (guaranteed 9am – 4:30pm) – which is most cases means residential orders will be delivered in the evening.

If an order needs to be redelivered due to sender error (in shipping address or otherwise) then the flat service fee of $18.95 will need to be paid again.

If due to extenuating circumstances we are unable to complete a delivery the day of, we reserve the right to attempt re-delivery next day. As a recourse the customer may claim up to a 50% refund on the order for the inconvenience.

We try our best to work with all customers to resolve any delivery disputes that may happen, whether it’s a partial refund or free upgrades/credits in the future


Since flowers are a perishable good all items are final sale. In the event that what was received did not live up to your expectations we’d be happy to send an exchange or replacement arrangement.