Russia florist

Bouquet of colorful gerberas and daisiesGirls all over the world love receiving flowers. It’s a pleasure for a man to send and for the woman to receive them because flowers are a symbol that conveys a much more powerful message than a greeting card, compliment or love letter. Bouquets of beautiful flowers can declare wars and confess love.

However, before sending your Russian girl or pen pal a beautiful bouquet you should be aware that in Russia, flowers are sent in odd numbers for happy occasions. Hence choose a bouquet of 11 roses.


Some people in Russia associate the number 13 with bad luck so don’t send 13 roses. Also the colour yellow has 2 meanings : 1. Breaking up and 2. Happiness. So send yellow flowers to your friend or romantic interest if they know that you mean happiness or if they say to you that they really like yellow flowers!

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Send a bouquet of flowers today through our network of trusted florists. And don’t worry about last minute gifts – the Eurasia Florist Network is pleased to offer same-day floral delivery at no additional cost to most cities in Russia.

If you need any more advice on sending flowers to Russia or to a Russian girl just get in touch with one of our customer service operators who will be more than happy to help you out!