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Substitution Policy



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Due to the change in seasons, some flowers may not be available in certain areas. This may cause delivery of certain flower variation such as colours to be unavailable during specific period. Therefore, it is possible that the exact flower type or color may be unavailable for delivery on a particular day.

 In cases when this happens, we deliver similar flowers and vases of equal or greater value and appearance. We will do our best to maintain the exact shape, size, colour scheme and arrangement of the floral gifts, although there may be a variation due to designer interpretation. In all our single variety deliveries, variety takes precedence over color.

Depending on the region and supply, additional items such as chocolates, toys and champagne may vary as well.

Our company’s main commitment is to ensure that the items delivered match the items ordered in terms of quality, integrity and value.

Changing or Cancelling Your Order

In the event that you want to change or cancel your order please notify us on time. We will be happy to make any corrections to your order, as long as we are notified before the delivery has been sent out or delivered or been prepared for shipment. We will need to be notified 48 hours in advance in order to cancel or make any changes to the delivery.

An order cannot be cancelled or altered after it has been prepared for shipment or sent for delivery. In the event that an order is cancelled, we reserve the right to keep 10% of of the order’s total and refund the rest. However, in the case of  non-delivery as a result of incorrect or incomplete information such as addresses or phone numbers, we do not offer refunds, due to the cost of transportation and the perishable nature of flowers.

If the order cannot be delivered as a result of an incomplete address, we will immediately contact you to provide us with the correct information so that we can attempt re-delivery. In such cases however, the delivery fee will have to be paid again. Furthermore, if the quality of the items become compromised by the time you correct the delivery information, we will have to charge you the full order amount for a second time to create new fresh bouquet or arrangement (please note flowers and fruits are highly perishable). In some cases, you may be provided with the option of delivering the same order to another person within our delivery area ( although cancellation fee will be removed from the total order).


If your delivery is not fresh or is not of the highest quality, we will replace it promptly. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the flowers delivered, then please send your complaint to [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery. However we will not be able to replace the flowers if we are not notified of your complaint within 24 hours due to the highly perishable nature of flowers and fruits.